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What seems like an innocent bit of fun can turn ugly very quickly, as seen in this video, when a Volkswagen Golf 7 R takes on a Mazda RX7 that collides with a spectator in an illegal drag race in South Africa. 

This article has been updated, please read below.


Updated: 6 September 2018, 13:48

Recent information alleges that this incident took place in Lesotho and not South Africa. Although Lesotho is land-locked within the South African borders, it does not necessarily need to conform to the same rules and regulations as prescribed by Motorsport South Africa's governing body.

According to Ashlin Arjun, a member of the Petrolheads SA Facebook Group, "An official, legal drag event was hosted in Lesotho, supported by the military of Lesotho, on an airstrip to keep people from racing illegally on public roads." He goes on to state that, "The man who was hit unfortunately passed away, he was the official photographer for the event."

On the SA Petrolheads Facebook Group, the public comments on Arjun's "Official Statement" post go on to question the racing conditions of the chosen destination as well as accusing the organising of being negligent. In further commentary, the topic of there being no medical services present was also brought up, although there has been no official mention of it as yet.

South Africa's regulations for drag racing events are extremely well governed, in fact, Motorsport South Africa's 2018 Drag Racing Handbook (which can be found here) runs to 96 pages. It includes rules for everything; from the type of surface required to safety barriers, spectator fences, medical facilities and fire equipment amongst a host of other regulations – and that is just a portion of the track and safety regulations which make up just six pages of the handbook.

Motorsport is inherently dangerous and the tragic loss of life is incredibly unfortunate. We have received many messages from various members of both the local and international motorsports community extending their heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the photographer who passed away doing what he loved.



Originally posted: Date: 2018-09-03

This past weekend, on what appears to be a deserted un-maintained road allegedly near Nasrec in Gauteng, a group of race enthusiasts got together for an illegal drag race with their high-performance cars as many spectators watch from the sidelines.

As you will see in the footage below, going flat out in a straight line doesn't always go according to plan as a red sports car collides with a spectator.

A colleague from a sister motoring publication told us, "the Volkswagen Golf R driver seems to have it under control, probably due to the fact that its all-wheel drive and you can't fully disable the traction control either, which helps with traction on pull off and will prevent the car from losing control.

"The Mazda RX7, on the other hand, is heavily modified with its 4 rotor motor and many other modifications, and being rear-wheel drive, takes more than just putting your pedal to the metal to win at a drag race."


Shortly after the drag race starts, you can see the Mazda RX7 becoming a bit 'tail-happy' as the car loses rear traction. Soon thereafter, the driver loses complete control and slides off to the left side of the road, crashing into an onlooker and sending him flying into the air.

There has been no statement on the condition of the spectator as yet.

This goes on to prove yet again that, no matter if there are no other cars on the road, uncontrolled motorsport is exceptionally dangerous.

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