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Feel like driving around a fabulous race track and then sleeping right next to it for the night?

Not only will you get an amazing place to stay in, but you’ll also get a pool, Jacuzzi, gym, an indoor cart track, and more.

That’s what Airbnb’s latest listing has to offer. The stay has activities for all ages with race-themed inspired rooms and real race car beds.

There’s also a drive-in theatre room with a movie projector and truck beds, as well as rooms named after famous race car drivers, although fictional.

There’s a room dedicated to Ricky Bobby, one dedicated to Dale Earnhardt and a room entirely dedicated to Bugatti.

This Tuscan-style home also features a tennis/basketball court, a playground for kids, a one-hole golf course, and a fishing pond.

When you book this place through Airbnb, you’ll have access to the entire resort and the amenities and you’ll be the only people on the premises.

The only other people on-site will be two staff members to assist you with the motorsport activities.

Feel like drifting on the race track before drifting off to sleep? Then a stay at this awesome place in Missouri, United States is the answer.

Image credit:  YouTube

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