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A Norwegian cruise ship worker has been arrested in Alaska after he allegedly stabbed three people.

The man has been identified as South African Ntando Sogoni. He was recently hired by the company and only boarded the ship on Sunday, the same day that the ship left for a weeklong cruise to Alaska and back.

Fox Business reports that according to court documents, the 35-year-old was working on the cruise ship when other ship employees observed the defendant attempting to deploy a lifeboat.

“Sogoni was contacted by ship security and escorted to the ship’s medical centre for an assessment.”

He stabbed a woman in the ship’s hospital who was being examined, followed by two security guards who intervened.

Sogoni faces a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon within maritime and territorial jurisdiction. He was arrested by the FBI on Tuesday in Alaska after he was detained in the ship’s jail.

If Sogoni is found guilty, he could be imprisoned for a maximum of 10 years as well as a R4,6 million fine.

A spokesperson for the Norwegian said: “We condemn violent behaviour of this nature and are committed to the safety and security of all crew members and guests on our ships.”

Image credit: Norwegian Cruise line

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