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This year's amazing drone photographers have been announced, and a congrats goes out to Photo of the Year honoree, Jim Picôt of Australia with "Love Heart of Nature!", as well as all the talented photographers recognised at the Drone Photo Awards.

The drone photography game has reached new heights, as drone photography lends itself in a way no other type of photography can.

Drone photography can reach spots no ordinary photographer can, which shares a piece of the world from another view point.

Photographer, Adam Vradenburg, shared some of his tips on how to make drone photos really special. He stated that first, planning and research are essential due to some strict laws and regulations in certain countries. His second tip is to make your flight time count, and that it's best to use limited battery times to the fullest. Third tip is that one should test the limits of their drone, both in terms of altitude and range. The fourth tip is "don't just fly high, fly low."  He added that it is not necessary to have the highest altitude in order to get the best photo. The last tip is to keep the skies friendly, safe, and respectful.

The winning photos of the categories is as follows;

Number one: Nature Category Winner: Gray Whale Plays Pushing Tourists

The photographer shared that; "At the end of the gray whale season, I was told about a gray whale that, for the last 3 years, used to play with the boats, pushing them gently. So we went back the year after and, incredibly, the gray whale appeared and this shot is the result."


Number two: Wildlife Category Winner: Where Herons Live

The photographer shared; "Many think that herons make nests in reeds or in a swamp. In fact, they nest in the tops of huge trees and, with a drone, it is sometimes possible to see them."


Number three: Photo Of The Year: Love Heart Of Nature

Photographer Jim Picôt shared that; "In winter, a shark is inside a salmon school when, chasing the baitfish, the shape becomes a heart shape."


Number four: "Life Under COVID-19" Winner: Black Flag

"Thousands of Israelis maintain social distancing, due to Covid-19 restrictions, while protesting against Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in Rabin Square on 19 April 2020."


Number five: Urban Category Winner: Alien Structure On Earth

"Sometimes we need to change the perspective to feel the strength of the structure more strongly than we've ever thought. The Petronas Towers, also known as the Petronas Twin Towers, are twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur."


Number six: People Category Winner: Frozen Land

"With temperatures of minus 30°C, winters in the Eurasian steppe can be brutal. But life doesn't stop, and local people move from one village to another with a sledge, crossing icy rivers and lakes."


Number seven: Abstract Category Winner: Phoenix Rising

"The phoenix rising is a symbol of re-emergence from the ashes of fire. This is symbolized through the beginnings of an actual regeneration process at the industrial mining site of Lake Owens. After a destructive past and the creation of the most toxic dustbowl in America, migratory birds are returning, and life is beginning anew…"


Number eight: Wedding Category Winner: Tropical Bride

"I used the flowers and the leaves left over from the decoration of a wedding to make something creative."


Number nine: Sports Category Winner: On The Sea

"An aerial view of swimmers, where the sea becomes the place to take refuge, between the blue carpet and the white foam of the waves."

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