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Date: 2017-10-20


October marks the month that the pole dancing community takes its first steps towards being classified an Olympic sport. The president of the International Pole Sports Federation, Katie Coates, was proud to announce that the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) granted observer status to the sport. Observer status needs to be granted before the federation of any sport becomes a member of the GAISF. 

The sexual stigma associated with pole dancing has historically prevented pole dancing from being taken seriously, however, times have changed and the 2020 Olympics looks promising as pole dancing is being recognized by an international sporting body for the first time. 

Katie states that the sport requires as much athleticism, accuracy and grace as sports like gymnastics and diving. Over the years, pole dancing has become a competitive sport in its own right and holds a global competition called "the World Pole Sport and Fitness". The community has been attempting to distance themselves from strippers in an effort to be taken more seriously after over 10 years of campaigning. 

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