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Date: 2018-02-12

Van Breda claims an intruder murdered his parents and older brother and attacked his younger sister at their Stellenbosch home in January 2015.

His murder trial has resumed, with the State arguing that it is highly unlikely that intruders broke into his family home and attacked his family.

Closing arguments are being heard in the Western Cape High Court on Monday. Prosecutor Susan Galloway argued that it is highly improbable that intruders could have entered the De Zalze Estate, made their way to number 12 Goske Street, attacked the family and did not steal anything, as well as fled the estate undetected.

Galloway says that the house is situated in the centre of the complex and the intruders would have had to go past several other houses. She also said there is no evidence from the security guards on duty that night or any residents who have testified that criminals entered the estate that night.


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