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Date: 2017-09-28
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We can expect Hilary Clinton to return to the electoral fray next week.

The Democratic Party's 2016 nominee will be breaking from her book tour to raise campaign money for Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam – the party's gubernatorial nominee – next Wednesday. This was confirmed by multiple Democrats familiar with the plan to POLITICO.

This New York event was first reported by The Associated Press and will be Clinton's first even for candidate in 2017 – though she has taken a step back into politics with the launch of her new group, Onward Together, that supports Democratic organizations.

Clinton has also re-emerged in the national political conversation with the recent publication of her latest book, "What Happened", which recounts her loss to Donald Trump in the presidential elections. 

Northam is stuck in a tight battle with Republican Ed Gillespie, but polls show that Northam is slightly ahead. Terry McAuliffe, the current governor, is a close friend of Clinton's.

McAuliffe is not eligible to run for re-election because of Virginia's law that prohibits consecutive terms. 

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