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Paul Froggatt revealed that, while cycling home, he fled from an "evil" seven-foot-tall telepathic alien mantis. He came across the extra-terrestrial shortly after finishing a 12-hour shift at a dog food warehouse.

The 26-year-old has drawn a picture of the bizarre creature, and has likened his terrifying ordeal to a "spider eating a fly on a David Attenborough documentary".

As he shared the drawing with the media, the warehouse worker insisted he was not on booze or drugs. He explained how he fled after stumbling across the creature on his cycle home through woodland in Warwick.

Froggatt said, "It sounds crazy, but I felt I could sense its feelings towards me, and it was just like pure alien hatred. You know when you're watching a David Attenborough documentary and you see a spider eating a fly and just a malevolent sense of evil?"

It was not all easy going from there as he was forced to quit his job after colleagues dubbed him the "Mantis man of Warwick".

He added that he had been left traumatised and has struggled to sleep ever since. "On a Thursday morning at 5am, I was cycling home from work and I saw something odd in the sky. It was a glowing orange sphere just hovering on the horizon. At first I thought it must be Venus or a satellite but it seemed to be much closer than that. I stopped on my way to take some photos – the object looked a fair bit bigger in person than visible in the photos." 

He continued to explain that the object then started to move around and rotate in shape, and he then spotted that the object was circular with a part sticking out from the main body. 

"When this started, I got the chills down my back and felt like there was something wrong here, I hurried on my way home. As I kept cycling I could swear the object was moving along my course, but I just told myself it must be some kind of optical illusion. I entered a wooded area and lost sight of the object through the trees."

He added that, at that time of morning when he goes home, there is always a chorus of bird song and insects. However, on that day, the woods were dead silent.

"As I cycled down the path, I came around a bend I saw something I will never forget. Standing a few meters ahead is what I can only describe as a humanoid praying mantis. This thing was at-least 7 foot tall, light green with triangular head and big oval black eyes. It had all the features of a mantis but stood on two legs and had a somehow human like shape about it."

He was completely frozen with fear. "For what felt like an age – but was probably only seconds – I stared into this creature's eyes and it stared back. I felt like it could read my mind and I could read its. My fear was replaced with completely alien thoughts of utter hatred and evil I felt projected from this thing. I suddenly snapped out of this hypnotic kind of state and it made a step back as if it was gonna pounce on me."

The encounter reportedly happened in July 2020, and Froggatt is hoping that other people come forward to at least confirm the UFO siting.

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