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Date: 2017-10-25

Hospital At A Dangerous Impasse 2

Thelle Mogoerane Hospital is currently running on a delicate balance of chaos while still attempting to treat patients.

The hospital security guards are striking because they were not paid on the 16th of October and, after giving their employer one day's grace period, all of the security guards decided to protest until they were paid. 

Although this sounds like a regular procedure in South Africa, security is highly important in a hospital, particularly the psychiatric ward as patients tend to get aggressive. Nurses have already reported a patient from the psychiatric ward committing suicide and many others leaving the hospital's care without clearance. The nurses and doctors fear for their safety as there has been no backup security and fear for a situation which could lead to a violent outbreak at the hospital from drunk or rowdy patients.

Despite their fears, the rest of the hospital staff have continued working as normal in hope that the situation will get resolved soon. The trade union, Tusisa, and the government department of health have engaged in discussions but the guards claim that the problem needs to be dealt with and they will return to work as soon as they have been paid. 

But for now, the hospital is stuck at a dangerous impasse. 

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