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When it comes to cleaning your house, we all know there are several objects you never think of cleaning. 

One of those objects includes something whose duty is also to wash – your washing machine. Isn't the point of a washing machine is that it cleans dirty clothes? Well, the truth is it does need its cleaning fairy as well. Good housekeeping means paying attention to the things that make your life easier. 

An easy way to spot if your washing machine needs a good cleaning is when your clothes started smelling like mildew after being washed. The best way to sort that out is to run a cycle on hot water with nothing inside and add a little bit of vinegar to make it extra clean. 

The next habit is to quickly wash your cutting board with soap after you have used it. Yes, it is a no brainer that the board should be washed, however, washing it with soapy water isn't the right way. Pro's have added that you need to soak your cutting board in bleach after each use. Or, at least, those boards used for things like raw meat, which contains harmful bacteria, so that you can sterilize it properly. 

We all have an object to dust with, in the cupboards, whether it is a feather duster or a dry rag. Put down the duster, or anything that resembles it. Do not think that the dust you try and dust with your rag is just going to vanish. You know the part where you start sneezing while you're busy dusting? Well, that is a result of the particles flying everywhere else and on everything else. Your best bet is to wet a rag, which will pick up dust more effectively.

Changing your bed sheets and washing them includes your pillowcases, but have you ever wondered about the actual pillow? Most pillows have a tag giving laundering instructions. However, this is another item people just forget needs washing as well. Your pillow is subject to dust mites, body oils and bacteria from your saliva, and should be cleaned every three to six months. 

It is easy to pick up your cloth, water and a bit of soap and wash your stainless steel appliance, like your fridge, in an easy circular motion. However, this is not solving your issue. Yes, a stainless steel fridge can easily be smudged with just one touch. Washing it in a circular motion will create marks when it dries. Another way to clean your stainless steel is to follow the grain.

Switches and remotes are other objects used daily by several different people who have been to several different places. You know to do the big stuff: vacuuming, mopping, wiping away dust. However, there are still some items in your house that you may have never cleaned. Those objects tend to harbour plenty of bacteria. Light switches and remote controls, believe it or not, are two highly overlooked housekeeping areas. These are places where cold viruses lurk. To solve your problem, use a spritz of disinfectant and a bleach wipe. They will help get into the couch to reach those spots.

What better way, then, to wash your windows on a beautiful sunny day. Who would have thought there would be anything wrong. The reason for this is that glass cleaner tends to dry quickly in direct sunlight. This will usually leave behind unsightly streaks that are counterintuitive to your washing job.

Have you ever thought of cleaning your lightbulbs once in a while? Seeing that today's long-lasting LED bulbs make it possible for you to forget about them for a while as they do not need to be changed often, it is still a place that's gathering up dust. The longer you leave them, the more dust it gathers, eventually becoming a fire hazard. 

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