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Date: 2017-10-26

Iaaf Cracks The Whip On Joanna Blair 2

Joanna Blair, the British javelin thrower, has failed an anti-doping test and has been suspended.

This is bad news for England as she is no longer able to compete in the Commonwealth Games next year. After violating the IAAF rules, she is facing a full hearing in the next couple of weeks. 

Joanna claims that she was taking a legal creatine supplement that was contaminated. She claimed to make sure that the ingredients of the supplement were legal according to the IAAF rules before taking it. If she is able to prove the substance was contaminated, she will be able to shorten her ban from years to months. 

Joanna was a promising athlete, placing 7th in the British Athletics Champion with a score that surpassed the 2008 Olympic bronze medallist, Goldie Sayers. She also qualified for the Nitro Athletics tournament that hosts some of the best athletes.

Joanna is going to have to give a very convincing case if she is to get back into the competition. 

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