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Date: 2017-10-05
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newsfeeds24,newsfeeds24.com,news,general news,Indonesians,Indonesia,giant,python ,snake ,reptile ,eaten,Robert Nababan ,Nababan ,security guard,injuries ,Detik,police,Elinaryon ,medicine ,healing,

newsfeeds24,newsfeeds24.com,news,general news,Indonesians,Indonesia,giant,python ,snake ,reptile ,eaten,Robert Nababan ,Nababan ,security guard,injuries ,Detik,police,Elinaryon ,medicine ,healing,

A giant python (about 7.8 metres long) lost a battle with a local man and met an unfortunate end when it was eaten. 

Security guard Robert Nababam first encountered the giant reptile on a palm oil plantation road in Sumatra's Batang Gansal district on Saturday. 

According to reports, Mr Nababan tried to catch the python after it attacked him. The man and reptile fought until Mr Nababan killed it with the help of some local villagers. 

The guard survived the battle with serious injuries. 

As for the python, its body was strung up for display at a village before being chopped up, fried and eaten. 

Mr Nababan told Indonesian news outlet Detik: "I tried to catch it, my hand was bitten and I managed to wrestle it."

The 37-year-old did not give the exact reason for trying to catch the python, but reports say that he was either trying to keep the scared villagers safe or wanted to clear the road that the python was blocking. 

According to local police, the python has sunk its fangs into the guard's left arm and nearly severed it. He was taken to a hospital in Pekanbaru city, where he is currently still recovering, said Elinaryon, head of Batang Gansal district government. 

According to the official, Mr Nababan's hand was seriously injured and the doctors "might have to cut it off."

He added that pythons are quite common in his area: "[There are] at least 10 sightings of them a year. In the dry season, they come out looking for a drink, in the wet they come out to take a bath in the rain."

Although Mr Nababan survived the ordeal, Mr Elinaryon advised people to avoid tackling the giant reptiles. 

He was not surprised when the python was eaten either: "I have heard from friends that they are really tasty. I mean it's a 7m snake – that's a lot of meat!"

In addition, "the blood, some people believe, has healing qualities and can be used in medicine."

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