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Italian Police recently sped off once again to save another life. The Italian police used their Lamborghini Huracan to transport a kidney 303 miles to the Gemelli University Hospital in Padua, where a patient was waiting for an urgent transplant.

The Lamborghini Huracan was purchased by the police in 2017 for the purpose of rushing to urgent tasks such as this one. The vehicle has been specially customised for these kinds of missions, and already had a refrigerated trunk and a defibrillator built in that made it ideal for the task that is normally performed by helicopter.

The reason for the use of the alternative method of transportation instead of a helicopter has not been stated. The police did however thank those involved in making the unusual method of kidney transportation a possibility on their social media Twitter account.

The highspeed trip began in Rome and finished at the Gemelli University Hospital in Padua. The trip usually takes an estimated six hours of travel, however, with the privileges of the police car and speed of the vehicle, the kidney was delivered in just two hours, with the vehicle managing an average speed of 145mph between the two hospitals.

The video that was posted of the trip illustrates a smooth journey.

Although it is currently still unclear why standard practices with a helicopter were not used, additional information about this journey may be shared in the near future.

The possibility of someone in the police force who really needed to justify purchasing the Lamborghini Huracan in the first place could be considered but, either way, the unique transportation did deliver a healthy kidney to a patient who will also likely be grateful for the timely arrival.

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