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Two fans who attended Madonna’s show in New York in December have sued the singer for being late.

The American pop star was more than two hours late on all three nights that she performed in the Big Apple.

According to court papers, the fans “would not have paid for tickets” if they’d known it would finish so late. Because Madonna showed up late, the concert only ended at around 01:00 leaving fans exhausted the next day when they had to go to work or school.

The lawsuit towards the promoter Live Nation and the venue the Barclays Center says they are being sued for “false advertising, negligent misrepresentation, and unfair and deceptive trade practices”.

The court document states that the “defendants failed to provide any notice to the ticketholders that the concerts would start much later than the start time printed on the ticket and as advertised, which resulted in the ticketholders waiting for hours”.

In 2019 a fan sued the popstar for also being late to a concert, but the fan voluntarily dismissed the case only a month later. Following that, Madonna was recorded at a live concert that “a queen is never late”.

Image credit: Rolling Stone

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