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If you’re a teacher and you like the countryside, there might be a position available for you.

A small village located in the most westerly part of the mainland United Kingdom is advertising a full-time teaching position.

As the only teacher at Kilchoan Primary, you will be the only teacher in the area and will teach every subject from grade 1 to grade 7.

You will at least have an extra teacher who will visit once a week to assist with educational requirements. You will work with a pupil support assistant, an admin support person and a cook.

There are only 150 people on the island and it’s a two-hour drive to the nearest town worthy of mentioning and offering shops, Fort William.

With the new school year, the current number of pupils will increase to 16 due to a few extra families who have moved to the village.

A salary of about R1,28 million a year will be offered, as well as a relocation package of up to about R160,000.

Interested? Hurry up because the deadline for submissions is Monday.

Image credit: STV News

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