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Famous online retailer eBay has agreed to pay a fine of more than $3 million after some of its employees were found guilty of harassing a married couple.

Americans David and Ina Steiner wrote and managed an online newsletter E-commerce Bytes. In one of the editions back in 2019, the couple wrote about a lawsuit where eBay accused Amazon of poaching its clients.

Several executives were found guilty after they sent emails regarding the newsletter merely hours after it was sent out.

Some of the emails shared between executives mentioned negative comments. They even included three employees visiting the couple’s house with the idea to install a GPS tracker on the couple’s car.

The garage was locked and the employees broke into the house.

Over the following years, items were sent to the couple’s house by eBay employees. This included a funeral wreath, a book about surviving the loss of a spouse, as well as a bloody pig mask.

In a lawsuit brought against the employees, it was also revealed that the company stalked the Steiners.

eBay has appealed the conviction and if the company is successful, the employees’ guilty charge could be overturned.

Image credit: Sky News

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