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Pineapple on pizza has long been a hot topic for debate. While some hate it, others love it. The Italians? Don’t even mention it.

Now, chef Gino Sorbillo from the famous pizza region of Naples in Italy have added pineapples to one of the pizzas on his menu. The location of the restaurant? Via dei Tribunali, the most famous pizza street in Naples.

In true Soribllo style, this isn’t just a regular Hawaiian. The Margherita con Ananas is a pizza bianca without its tomato layer. It contains three types of cheese with the pineapple. The pineapple is cooked twice so that it tastes caramelised.

Sorbillo is a third-generation pizzaiolo, making this a hot topic in Italy. Sorbillo told CNN that he created the Margherita con Ananas to “combat food prejudice”.

“Sadly people follow the crowd and condition themselves according to other people’s views, or what they hear.”

He added that he wanted to make the ingredients tasty.

“I’ve noticed in the last few years that lots of people were condemning ingredients or ways of preparing food purely because in the past most people didn’t know them, so I wanted to put these disputed ingredients – that are treated like they’re poison – onto a Neapolitan pizza, making them tasty.”

The country has been divided, although many restaurant patrons have tried it and loved it.

Image credit: KTVZ

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