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According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), wine production across the world is expected to fall to its lowest level in 60 years.

The low output is due to poor harvests in the Southern Hemisphere and in some major European producers.

The OIV’s initial predictions are 7% lower than last year and the smallest since 1961.

In a statement, the OIV said problems in both Hemispheres are to blame.

“This negative scenario can be attributed to significant declines in major wine-producing countries in both Hemispheres.”

“While in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Brazil recorded year-over-year variations between -10% and -30%. In the Northen Hemisphere, Italy, Spain and Greece are the countries that suffered the most from bad climatic conditions during the growing season.”

This means Italy is set to lose its position as the world’s largest wine producer while France will reclaim the number one spot for the first time in nine years.

Spain is still the third largest wine producer in the world, even though the country faced major droughts across the country.

Image credit: Serious Eats

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