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A chairman of a paper company in China has informed its employees that their Christmas bonuses will be based on how many miles they ran each month this year.

To get an annual bonus worth 130% of their monthly salary, they had to prove that they ran 62 miles (almost 100 kilometres) per month each month for the entire year. It comes down to 2 miles per day.

It’s not the only bonus though. Those hardcore runners who ran 31 miles every month for six continuous months will get a free pair of running shoes.

For those unable to meet the 62 miles per month and only managed to clock 19 miles per month will only receive an annual bonus worth 30% of their monthly salary.

The chairman, who has climbed Mount Everest twice already, said his “business can only endure if my employees are healthy”.

It seems as if the employees are embracing this challenge. One unnamed employee told a local newspaper that they loved it.

“Not only do we get to keep fit, we also get paid for it as well. That’s killing two birds with one stone.”

Social media users were quick to bombard the platforms with their mixed reactions.

One user commented on Weibo how bad this requirement can be.

“These requirements would be considered excessive even for sporting school students. It will hurt their knees. Depending on one’s age and physical condition, it could also trigger acute heart failure.”

Image credit: CGTN

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