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Motorists in the City of Ekurhuleni has been warned by police to be on the look-out when making use of a fast food drive-thru due to an increase in criminal activities.

TopAuto reports that law enforcement officials in the city have identified an alarming trend where drive-thrus are increasingly being targeted by criminals.

It’s believed vehicles in line at drive-thrus are sitting ducks because they’re trapped and can’t move out of their location without other cars moving. It’s very similar to situations like paying for a parking ticket or highway offramps.

According to the City of Ekurhuleni, they’ve recorded incidents of thieves barricading a targeted victim’s car while in the queue to order and pick up their food. Because the person inside the car can’t escape, the criminals rob them of their personal belongings and sometimes even try to hijack the car.

Cars closer to the front of the queue are usually ideal targets for hi-jacks because they give the criminals a better chance to make a quick exit. Often, the car behind the targeted car will also be part of the act to prevent the car from reversing and getting away.

Image credit:  IOL

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