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The Royal Mail is celebrating the Spice Girls’ 30th year in the music industry with a limited-edition stamp collection.

This makes the UK’s most successful girl band ever part of the exclusive list of other bands with their own stamps. The list includes The Rolling Stones, Queen, Iron Maiden and The Beatles.

It’s the first time in history that the Royal Mail has dedicated an entire stamp issue to a female group.

The images used celebrate some of the band’s biggest moments and the band worked closely with Royal Mail to choose the images.

All five members of the group have their own individual stamps from the band’s Spice World photoshoot.

There’s also a few of the group together like the 1997 Brit Awards, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games closing ceremony and their successful comeback tour.

In total there are 10 stamps and it’s believed they will soon become a collector’s item.

Although the group formed in 1994 already, thus marking the band’s 30th anniversary, their debut single Wannabe hit the world charts in 1996.

One of of the most successful British acts ever, the Spice Girls sold more than 100 million records. In 2000 the band broke up, but made it clear that it’s not forever. In 2007 they came back with a bang for a very successful world tour.

Image credit: Sky News

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