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The city of Zurich is facing a war on drugs and the city’s local authorities are considering legalising it to combat the use.

The pilot scheme will allow the sale of cocaine for recreational use.

Switzerland has one of the highest levels of cocaine use in Europe. Zurich, Basel and Geneva all featured in the top 10 cities on the continent. The cocaine currently on the market is available at the cheapest price it has ever been even though it’s the purest as well.

Eva Chen, a member of the Bern council from the Alternative Left Party, said new ideas are needed.

“The war on drugs has failed, and e have to look at new ideas. Control and legislation can do better than mere repression.”

Bern won’t be the first city to make such a massive move. The US city of Oregon decriminalised the possession of small amounts of cocaine in 2021.

The current trial involves legalising the use of cannabis with the product even being available for sale at pharmacies. The outcome of this trial will impact the cocaine legalisation trial.

Image credit: NDTV

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