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Buckingham Palace has announced that King Charles III and Catherine, Princess of Wales are both receiving medical attention.

It was announced that Catherine, or Kate as she was known before she became a royal, underwent abdominal surgery and that she would stay in hospital for two to three weeks to recuperate. Her surgery was successful.

It’s unclear what surgery she underwent but the Palace has confirmed that it’s not cancer.

Only minutes later it was announced that King Charles had to undergo a medical procedure for an enlarged prostate.

Both royal family members will be out of action for a while as they recover. A statement released by the Palace said that Kate will only be able to return to royal duties after Easter.

The medical issues have apparently led to the cancellation of various royal visits to other countries. Kate was set to visit Rome with her husband William, Prince of Wales. It would have been their first overseas visit as a couple in two years.

News24 reports that the state-run National Health Service (NHS) saw a significant increase in searches for an “enlarged prostate” on its website Wednesday, with more than 11 times as many visits compared to Tuesday.

Image credit: SheKnows

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