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Maluma, 27, recently released a music video for his newest song, Sobrio, the lead single of his seventh album. But, also making an appearance in the video is no other than Scott Disick. Earlier this week, Disick and Maluma teased the collab with a fake Twitter fight.

Disick tweeted, "Wtf with this guy @maluma 🧐". Maluma responded with, "What's up with you? You want to be me so bad that you try to take what is mine?" referencing the love triangle in the song's music video.

The music video shows Maluma crashing to the floor of the stage after having a few too many drinks... In front of a star-stunned crowd.

Wearing a haircut very similar to the Hawái star, Disick arrives at the concert with Maluma's former love.

Spotting the drunken singer, they both watch with concern when the Colombian singer suddenly stumbles on stage and begins to drunkenly walk into the crowd.

"Ya que sobrio no me da / Por eso te estoy llamando / tengo la necesidad de saber como te va y si aún me sigue amando," he sings which translates to "If I'm sober, I just can't. That's why I'm calling you. I need to know how you are and if you still love me."

Maluma starts singing on the table of Quincy Brown before walking over to Disick, 38, who's sitting with Maluma's love interest as he sings a song verse right at his ex's face. 

Now completely drunk, Maluma makes his way over to Saweetie's table and steals her cigar before he disappears from the concert. 

After the concert, he is spotted walking on a bridge, nearly passing out on the concrete. The video ends with his ex saving him from being run over. They join for a hug before driving him away.

Sobrio will be the first official follow-up to his album #7DJ, released earlier in January. Maluma also spoke to People back in April about some of the lessons he had learned during the pandemic. He added that "Simple things are the best things ever. Sometimes you feel like if you don't collect material things, you don't have anything, and for me it was totally the opposite."

"The most important message that the pandemic left in my life is to just live with the simple things." 

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