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Toy manufacturer Mattel has advertised a new position at their New York offices.

The role of Chief Uno Player will be for four weeks starting in September. The chosen one will be required to play the new version of Uno called Uno Quatro for four hours per day, four days a week.

Those who wish to apply for the position must be 18 or older and an American resident. The salary will be $4,444.44 a week.

The position was announced in a TikTok video and the number of likes quickly rose to 9,000. The deadline for applications is 10 August.

Mattel’s global head of games, Ray Adler, said the position is all about the fans.

“We’re constantly looking to create new ways for fans to engage with Uno and with the nationwide search for the first-ever Chief Uno Player, we’re bringing in-person gameplay to fans in a way they’ve never experienced before.”

The Chief Uno Player is expected to help create and star in social media posts, give interviews and challenge random people to play the new version of the classic game. The latest version relies on tiles instead of cards.

Image credit: NY Post

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