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Many of us know that satisfying feeling after eating a McDonald's burger. But, have you ever wondered what is happening behind the scenes and how your favourite takeaway place prepares the food so fast. 

TikTok user @justinalbert19, recently shared one of the latest behind-the-scenes of McD. He spilled the beans on how staff "make onions", and revealed the truth in the video. 

He captioned the video, which has been watched over 12.9 million times, "How we make onions at McDonald’s."

And there you have it. Justin reveals in the video that the onions they use in the burgers, which so many of us adore, are pre-prepared. Well, this might come as a surprise seeing that we all Love McDonalds.

Justin added that the method they used in-store is making people "nauseous".

According to Justin, the onions they use are actually dehydrated, which involves a process of removing all of the moisture in the onion so that it can be preserved. 

In the video, Justin adds the dehydrated onions and a load of ice to a pot, which he fills with water and then mixes. Once the mixture is thick, he puts a lid on top and they're ready to be used.

This method did come as a shock to some fans, as one wrote; "Is this a joke????”. Another added that "I don't know what I expected tbh."

Another confused fan said; "They can't even cut up their own onions.”

"I don't even eat McDonald's but I'm still nauseous from seeing this,” someone commented, while another added "Not yall expecting them to sit there cutting up fresh onions.”

A different user commented; "Normalise people heating dehydrated foods cause people will eat instant mash.”

Another fellow McDonald's employee shed some light on the onion situation and added that then; ”There are actually two different types of onions, fresh ones and the dehydrated ones. Dehydrated goes on the McDoubles, Big Macs, cheeseburgers, etc and the freshly sliced ones go on burgers like the quarter pounder.”

Well at least there is some fresh onions, and at least you now know on which McD item you can find them.

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