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Famous Meghan Markle has 99 problems, but her personal bank account is definitely not one of them.

Let's start from the beginning. In her acting career, including her role in the series, Suits, Markle earned as much as $50,000 per episode of the show. That translates to an estimated $450,000 per year.

But not only did Markle star in the Suits series, but also collected an hefty income from various movies. She reportedly banked as much as $187,000 from starring in the film, Remember Me. She also received payment of $171,429 for the movie The Candidate, as well as $153,846 for the movie The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down. But, that is not even half of the movies Markle has played in, which means that her earning in the movie industry is much larger.

Before receiving her HRH status and marrying Prince Harry, it was reported that Markle made an additional $80,000 a year from her endorsements and sponsored content.

Now the Dutchess of Sussex has settled down with husband Prince Harry and became a part of the Royal Family. It is reported that Prince Harry is worth a casual $40 Million.

The couple reported that they won't combine their finances until the now duchess of Sussex becomes a UK citizen, which can take over three years of being married.

Royals expert, Marlene Koenig, stated that; "She cannot start the process of becoming a UK citizen until she is married for three years, and when she has acquired British citizenship, she will need to make a decision on whether or not she renounces her US citizenship."

Although the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex stepped down from being senior royals, they will keep their titles, but no longer have access to the Royal Purse. This, however, shouldn't be an issue as one of the reasons for the move away from the Royal household was to become financially independent.

All her roles in movies and series, plus her new status as well as several investments now puts Meghan's total net worth somewhere in the $5 million range, which could still increase. Especially with the Netfix deal that the two have signed. According to express.co.uk, "According to PR expert Jonathan Shalit, the Sussexes could earn tens of millions of pounds," adding that "...their deal could be worth as much as £74.5million, and added Meghan and Harry’s pay could rise further after bonuses to over £175million."

Seeing that one of her problems includes her father who reportedly can't stop talking to TMZ, at least there is no stress when it comes to her income.  

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