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A video of a man named Diego Avilés, claiming to have

discovered a Nazi coin in Mexico, was recently posted on YouTube.

However, what caught Avilés’ eye was when he discovered the inscriptions on the coin and saw that the date in the Reichsmark was 2039. The coin had the symbol of the Nazi Party, the eagle and the swastika, and a few words written in Spanish that said “New Germany.” On the backside of the coin appear to be the iron cross and the phrase "alle in einer nation" which translates to "all in one nation", a motto that would perfectly serve a country that has dominated the world. 

However, the state in Mexico called Nueva Alemania has no record of the arrival of any Nazi currency. 

The video soon went viral on the Internet, and many conspiracy theorists have claimed that it is a coin of an "alternative" future where the Nazis conquered the world.

Other theories also stated that this could be new evidence of time travel, a test that shows how Germany will be a key country in the imminent Third World War that is unfolding in Syria.

Many people wonder what their life would be like in a parallel universe, or if there is an alternative version of themselves in another dimension. Scientists have spent some time investigating the potential of alternative realities for decades, and have exposed multiple theories, some of which have real evidence to back them up.

One of the most popular theories discovered by scientists of alternative universes is the string theory, which states that we live in a multiverse of nine dimensions, but that only three dimensions is visible to us.

Now the question is whether the coin is really from the year 2039?

Firstly, there is no way of knowing if the year 2039 is indeed written on the coin by the image provided. However, the number "39" is clear on the image, but could the 20 be a mistake?

It has been reported that the currency has been sent to a university for examination and, until the results are revealed, the answer remains unknown. 

What can be confirmed is that there is an inscription in Spanish that says “New Germany”. It is still unknown how the coin could have ended up in Mexico. Mexico was never an ally of Nazi Germany, and declared war on Germany in 1942.

There is also no known Nazi coin with the inscription "Alle in Einer Nation".

As the questions start mounting up, and conspiracy theories start rising too. The truth is that there are strange stories about the Nazis, including the hidden connections of Hitler and the supernatural, the Nazi Bell (which was supposedly a time machine), psychic killers and super soldiers, which are well known. Not to forget the rumours that some Nazis managed to establish secret bases in Antarctica that are still operational today, after the fall of Germany in 1945.

Has a Nazi coin been found that shows the existence of parallel universes? A universe where the Nazis won the Second World War and developed trips in time? However, it is only about theories. But what will happen if someone discovers evidence of the existence of parallel universes?

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