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Date: 2018-11-19

After Nathan Ganas was killed by gunfire during a hijacking outside his Durban home, it was discovered that he had high blood-sugar levels that he hadn't disclosed to Momentum Financial services and insurance group.

Even though Ganas wasn't killed by the ailment, Momentum refused to pay out the policy worth R2.4 million and demanded the family pay back the R50 000 it had paid for his funeral expenses.

Momentum and the family of Ganas came to loggerheads over the dispute, while the public voiced its outrage at the situation.

On Tuesday, Momentum announced they have reached an agreement with Ganas' family. Mandy Laemmle, spokesperson for Momentum said, although the policy payout will still not be made, "Our agreement is that she can keep the R50 000 funeral benefit and we are going to reimburse all her premiums."

The company also released a statement on Monday that states that "failure to conduct proper checks would indirectly encourage the practice of non-disclosure.

"Our position on this matter is the following, once we have evidence that a client has not acted in good faith, we rectify the matter in an objective manner, and in the interest of fairness to all our clients."

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