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We all know Mars as a no man's land where survival seems like a distant dream.

Mars is known as the Red Planet, due to the magnificent red colour it gives out and, so far, no man has ever walked on its surface. For several years, humans have touched Mars through the durable wheels of Mars rovers, which are used to study the incredible and mysterious planet.

Since the first rover was sent to Mars, there have been four successful robotically operated Mars rovers. The four rovers, Sojourner, Opportunity, Spirit, and Curiosity, have all been managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA.

The Mars rover, Opportunity's, mission was declared complete on February 13, 2019. It was reported that NASA lost all contact with the vehicle. After Opportunity's mission was declared complete, rover Curiosity became the lone survivor on the Red Planet. Curiosity first landed on Mars back on August 6, 2012. Curiosity's original mission duration of 687 days was expanded indefinitely due to its ability and 'life-span'.

Curiosity is still rolling over its surface to examine and explore the unknown land. 

Since the beginning, NASA has captured several stunning photos of the planet taken by the Mars rovers. 

Here is how the Mars Rover, Curiosity, looked eight years ago, and how the rover looks now:


An amazing photo of the ripples on the surface of a Martian Sand Dune:

An outcrop in the Murray Buttes region of lower Mount Sharp:

Strata at the base of Mount Sharp:

View from the Mars Orbiter showing Curiosity rover at 'Shaler':

Curiosity's tracks in the 'Hidden Valley' on Mars:

The Curiosity Rover found and examined a meteorite on Mars:

The first sampling hole in Mount Sharp:

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