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Everyone is excited on Christmas morning. Waking up early to surprise the kids with a tree or stocking filled with presents.

Several parents still make use of the traditional Christmas stocking or a bug-filled Christmas tree to place the presents underneath.

The best part of Christmas is watching the children figure out where to start opening the presents that Santa left them during the night. Seeing the excitement overflow and huge smile sprouting on their faces is one of the most special feelings for any parent. 

A recent hack has been shared on popsugar.com recently where they suggest how parents could "buy an extra hour of sleep". They propose simply moving their Christmas stockings or a small Christmas tree to the ends of the kids’s beds. This new hack includes the theory that children will quietly wake up and keep themselves occupied for the time being, until they are allowed out of the room.

Many parents have shared why they feel this new hack is bizarre, and how this simply takes away a piece of the joy of Christmas.

One of the troubles with this new so-called hack, is that children will be overjoyed and would definitely want to share their excitement of their presents with their parents. One parent pointed out that her main issue with this hack is the "very idea that us parents need a sleep-in so bad that we would miss out on those magical first moments on a day that only comes around once a year" is preposterous.

We all know Christmas can be an exhausting time for parents. From dealing with meal preparation to entertaining small children who are beginning to feel restless as they are getting bored. The night before Christmas, parents rush to ensure that they have wrapped all the gifts and, after putting the Children to bed, have to get some of the stuff ready for the next morning. Then, waking up early in the morning to set the presents in the stocking or under the tree for the little ones is part of the excitement.

Yes, everyone can do with a little more sleep, but there are other days during the holiday to do so. Christmas morning is definitely the one day in the year where you skip on sleeping in, in order to share in the joy with your family.

An alternative method was shared by a parent suggesting that parents can rather insist that children wake you up before opening any presents.

Children only have a few years where they believe in the magical tales of Santa Claus, which brings more joy and excitement to them. Rather, share in those moments and the few years that they have left, because one day they won't believe in it anymore.

Parents argued that there should be no amount of sleep worth more than missing out on witnessing the biggest smiles of the year on their children's faces. One parent concluded; "If you move those stockings and insist on sleeping in on this one morning, then you're cheating yourselves out of one of the best parenting moments of your life.”

Christmas is known for family time, why make the time shorter just for an hour more sleep. Rather spend that precious hour with your family and go to bed early, or fall asleep in front of the TV while watching a movie on a Christmas bed. 

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