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Scientists have discovered a new species of snake in the Amazon rainforest.

It’s believed the newly discovered snake could be the biggest snake in the world.

A group of scientists travelled to the Ecuadorian Amazon with hunters on a 10-day expedition. Their aim was to search for the northern green anaconda that has been undocumented until now.

The group had to paddle down the rainforest’s river system where they found “several anacondas lurking in the shallows, lying in wait for prey”, according to Professor Bryan Fry, a biologist from the University of Queensland.

In a statement, Fry said the snakes are massive.

“The size of these magnificent creatures was incredible – one female anaconda we encountered measured an astounding 6.3 metres long.”

The team’s discovery was documented by a group of cameramen filming for a documentary that will soon be broadcast on National Geographic and will be called Pole to Pole with Will Smith.

The team said rumours that people sighted the snakes in the area turned out to be true.

The UK’s Natural History Museum notes that the world’s heaviest snakes are green anacondas with the heaviest one weighing in at 227 kilograms with a length of 8.43 metres.

Image credit: CNN

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