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Two people narrowly escaped death when the yacht they were on was attacked by a pod of killer whales.

The incident happened in the Strait of Gibraltar, the narrow strait that connects the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans, and also separates Europe and Africa from one another.

The people on board were about 24 kilometres off the coast of Morocco when the pod started to attack them. They immediately alerted Spanish maritime police and a rescue team was sent out.

When the rescue team arrived, the people were rescued but unfortunately, they were unable to salvage the yacht. The yacht was around 15 metres long.

ABC News reports that there have been approximately 700 orca attacks since 2020, according to GT Orca Atlantica, a conservation group, and officials believe there are more than 37 orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Spanish authorities have said that the whales usually attack vessels by ramming the hull and rudder to cause damage.

Image credit: CBS News

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