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Entertainment is usually the name of the game, but this year’s

Eurovision contest hit a different note when organisers tried to contain anger towards Israel.

This year’s contest was hosted by last year’s winning country, Sweden. Nemo was crowned the winner and is from Switzerland.

They are binary neutral and sang s rendition of The Code, a genre-binding anthem about their journey towards accepting their non-binary identity, according to CNN.

“I hope this contest can live tup to its promise and continue to stand for peace and dignity for every person.”

After the show, Nemo shared his thoughts on the politically motivated show, even though organisers tried to keep the focus on the performers.

“I have to say this whole experience was really intense and not just pleasant all the way. There were a lot of things that didn’t seem like it was all about love and unity, and that made me really sad.”

This was Switzerland’s first win since Celine Dion represented the country and won in 1988.

The event was very significant as it was held in Sweden on the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s Eurovision breakout.

In the hours leading up to the final, tension grew as organisers were faced with a very political controversy.

The organisers of the event defended Israel’s presence and insisted the contest is non-political. Israel’s singer Eden Golan was booed by some members of the crowd during her performance. Some members of the crowd even turned their backs to the stage while others left.

Image credit: WPR

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