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The festive season has arrived and everyone is setting up their Christmas decorations and Christmas trees.

Well, we can’t stop noticing more people taking the decorations to a whole other level. But, the question is, how far is too far when it comes to decorating your tree?

Recently, UK retailer, Taskers, took to Instagram to share their latest “dream” Christmas collection. Their new collection includes an array of Christmas baubles, bows and ribbons.

Twitter users did not take a liking to the new collection and have blasted the store’s customers for going way too overboard on their festive creations. 

Twitter user, @harrisonjbrock, posted a few photos from Taskers’ Instagram page which showed one of their customers Christmas tree set-up. The post was captioned: “Well it’s that time of year again where the people who shop at Taskers ruin Christmas with their chaotic trees.” 

One of the images posted shows a tree completely covered in red and white baubles with candy cane decorations. The tree is then finished off with a two-metre long fabric and a pair of red and white Christmas stockings at the top.

Some people have not held back when it came to bows, ribbons and lights, and you can’t even see the tree underneath all the decorations. Forget the traditional baubles and lights, some of the trees have been jazzed-up more than Elvis Presley’s stage appearance. Some trees have been decorated with toucans and pineapples. 

Another tree is has been mummified with roses, and gold, green and silver baubles with a large flower display, bow and even a pair of ice skates.

But that’s not all, one of the trees has gone a whole other direction. It stands decorated with a stack of pink fabric ribbons, butterflies, unicorn toys, and flowers all over its bodice.

Social media users were not too pleased to have witnessed these "unique" kind of decorated trees, and were quick to side with the poster commenting on how "disgusted” they were by the excessive ornaments. 

One user commented on the trees and said: "Omg that second one with the ice skates looks like the meme of that old blonde woman wearing a fur trimmed silver Santa coat.  Please tell me u know what I mean and have it."

Numerous people said these unique festive creations were far too over-done, and that the effect of some decorations were way to over-powering, negating the main reason of the festive Christmas tree.

One user commented; "I’m mentally processing the ice skates wow," while another added that; "Every one of these needs burning to the ground."

Someone else said: "These all look like Doctor Who monsters that would suddenly get up and start trying to dismember you with a circular saw or something."

"Less is more people. LESS IS MORE", read another comment.

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