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What is the strangest interview or meeting you've had, and does it involve a seven-mile walk? Well, recently, Piers Morgan shared a walk with Simon Cowell during his talk show.

Simon Cowell's partner, Lauren Silverman, emailed Piers Morgan to say that, "Simon would love to meet for a walk," which Piers first thought was a joke.

"I've done a lot of things with Mr Cowell during our 30-year friendship, but we've never gone for a walk. In fact, other than watching him stroll slowly through Britain's Got Talent audiences like a smug, regal sloth – gleefully inhaling idolatrous fame fumes – I can't recall ever seeing him move more than 100 metres on his feet," Piers joked. 

Simon fell victim to a horrific accident last August when he broke his back by falling off a high-powered electric bike in Malibu. Piers thought that he was not even able to walk at all. However, he accepted the adventure and replied: "Love to!"

"I sent it to Lauren, who handles his messages since he got rid of his mobile phone four years ago. 'Tell Simon this will be our main talking point...'"

Upon arriving at Simon's house, Piers found him up and ready to begin the speed walking trip.

"Cowell's timekeeping is so notoriously bad, it's even driven Ant and Dec to want him dissolved in sulphuric acid. The second shock was how skinny he looks; he's lost four stone after ditching his 'Vampire' lifestyle,' Piers explained.

"Got your Zimmer frame?" Piers asked Simon, who then replied, "Let's go, Morgan!" like an Army PE instructor. 

Soon on their walking journey, the two came across some unannounced photographers who sprang to action and banged off some pictures. 

Piers added that Simon is always very accommodating to the paparazzi, as he accepts that they're just making a living from the same celebrity circus the two of them perform in.

Continuing the walk, which Piers thought would be a quick stroll around the block, he soon discovered otherwise. Simon then suddenly announced to Pierse that; "I go for two-hour walks most days," which Piers found shocking. 

"I broke my ankle last summer, and it's still not fully recovered, so this would be quite an arduous physical test for me. Not that I dared admit this, obviously," Piers joked with Simon.

Simon added, "Yes. They've been genuinely life-changing. I walk with friends, or work colleagues, and get to chat one-on-one with them in a way we would never normally do. I've loved it, and I've also got fitter than I've ever been in my life."

Piers explained how, every few minutes, they would see some fans snapping some photos from a distance. He added that an elderly lady even scolded Piers by saying, "You annoyed me so much with what you said about Meghan this morning!" Simon came to the rescue, responding to the lady with, "You're laughing as you say that, though." She answered, "Yes! Piers is naughty, but I like him… apart from this morning!"

He also explained that they have also had some crazy fans yelling out, "Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD! Both my favourite men together! This is a sign from God!"

"And a few Guardian reader types cocked their horrified noses at us, mumbling 'Oh God…' in a less celebratory way. As if they'd just stumbled across Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin making out in the begonias," Piers explained.

Piers also said that the two elaborated on Simon's accident last year. Simon explained that he "knew immediately I was in serious trouble. Never felt pain like it".

"It was terrible, but at least I quickly knew exactly what I was dealing with and would need to do in terms of rehab etc. I'd rather have gone through this than had Covid, which seems so unpredictable. A great friend of mine was in a coma for several weeks with the virus and we thought we'd lose him. That was incredibly scary. I knew I wasn't going to die, though I did worry I may never walk again," Simon further explained.

The two covered several topics. They "talked about friendship, family, work, loyalty… and disloyalty; about people we've eliminated from our lives, for a variety of reasons, and people we now value even more."

Piers also explained that during the pandemic, he realised who his real friends and family are. "So much as who I really don't want to be friends with any longer…"

Piers elaborated on the adventure. "As we finally arrived back, three hours after we'd set off, a young woman walked past us, did a double-take, then shouted: 'I absolutely LOVE you Piers!' Simon's face fell as much as it's capable of doing with all the Botox.

"By the time I got home, my battered feet were erupting with blood blisters."

Piers eventually wrapped up with Celia. He said, "That was the best conversation we've ever had. I've never seen Simon Cowell happier, fitter or more relaxed. As Hippocrates said: 'Walking is man's best medicine'".

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