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A popular bus route has been renamed after Christian conservative groups repeatedly asked the bus company to change the name of the route.

The connection between the route number (666) and its final destination (the town of Hel) has been found hilarious by thousands.

But it didn’t sit well with several Christian conservative groups in the area as they claim the bus route was “spreading Satanism”.  The number 666 is identified in the Bible as the “number of the Beast”.

The Daily Express reports that the bus company PKS Gdynia eventually caved in and decided to “turn the last 6 upside down” this month.

“The management board buckled under the weight of letters and requests that were sent to us, maybe not in large numbers, but cyclically for many years with a request to change the line number”, said the bus company’s designer Marcin Szwaczyk.

While the Christian groups were happy, many online users shared their dismay at the change of the route number.

“It was a worldwide advert. I have often read about route 666 to Hel on foreign websites or Facebook groups. I am convinced they were tourists who would have probably arrived faster by train, but for fun they took bus route 666,” wrote Krzysztof Nadolski.

Image credit: HuffPost

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