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He’s not only a legend in the basketball world but also in the world of charity.

Shaq recently went to a Home Depot store to shoot a new music video. While there, he decided to give a woman and her mom something they’ll never ever forget.

The 51-year-old met the mother and daughter pair when they asked him if he would pose for a photo with them. He gladly obliged and asked them what they were doing.

When the daughter said they were “here to buy a washer and a dryer”, Shaq simply replied, “Okay, well I’m paying for it”.

At first, the mother didn’t hear what he said to them, so her daughter had to explain to her mother that Shaq has offered to buy the washer and dryer for them. Both women excitedly thanked him and the mother said “Bless you”.

The NBA legend has turned to music and released music under DJ Diesel. He went to the Home Depot store on that day to film a funny new music video for his song “I Know I Got It” featuring Nitti.

The music video now features the lucky mom and daughter, as well as other fans who took photos with Shaq.

Image credit: Posta Noticias

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