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The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved medication for the treatment of postpartum depression.

This type of depression is a very serious mental illness. It develops after childbirth and affects about 1 in 7 women.

The FDA said the medication will be sold under the brand name Zurzuvae. It will be prescribed to be taken once a day for 14 days straight.

Dr. Tiffany Farchione of the FDA said postpartum depression not only affects mothers, but their children as well.

“Postpartum depression is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition in which women experience sadness, guilt, worthlessness – even, in severe cases, thoughts of harming themselves or their child.”

The chance to access the medicine “will be a beneficial option for many of these women coping with extreme, and sometimes life-threatening, feelings”.

CNN reports that with severe postpartum depression, women are unable to function with daily routines and often have recurring thoughts of suicide, self-harm or harming the baby, which are very serious symptoms that require immediate evaluation and attention.

Image credit: MarketWatch

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