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Date: 2017-11-02
Newsfeeds24,Newsfeeds24.com,News,Sports,Wayde van Niekerk,Athletics,

Newsfeeds24,Newsfeeds24.com,News,Sports,Wayde van Niekerk,Athletics,

Newsfeeds24,Newsfeeds24.com,News,Sports,Wayde van Niekerk,Athletics,

Wayde van Niekerk, South Africa's new favorite athlete. Even though the last race didn't work out, he still had big shoes to fill and no one can deny that he has done an excellent job. He holds the record for the fastest man in history over 400m.

Fate was not on van Niekerk's side during his touch-rugby celebrity match when he hobbled off the field fearing the worst. After scans, it was confirmed that Van Niekerk had torn his ACL. It was a very unexpected injury but a serious one nonetheless as it puts him out of the race for the Commonwealth Games at the the Australian Gold Coast. 

He flew off to Colorado in hopes that the surgeons in America would be able to get him running in no time. In–Site Athlete Managment confirmed this morning that van Niekerk's surgery was successful. He hopes for a quick recovery but is willing to work hard to make a full recovery.

We now wait in anticipation as South African athletic's golden boy is off the field.

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