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It is not easy for scientists to capture some of the most rare and beautiful creatures in the deep sea on tape. However, biologists recently captured a wild, elusive ram’s horn squid, or Spirula, on a live video.

The deep ocean, which is also called the twilight zone, extends from 660 to 3,300 feet below the surface. The ocean's twilight zone is a continually striking place, with remarkable squids and other creatures lurking in the deep waters. And, not only was this magnificent creature spotted in the waters, but marine biologists recently found evidence that a large shark and squid fought in the deep sea, after discovering telltale sucker marks on the shark's body.

Marine Biologists use submersibles, or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), to navigate the depths of the sea where they can spot rarely seen creatures. In late October, a Schmidt Ocean Institute expedition filmed the Spirula spirula floating vertically at some 2,850 feet below the surface.

The ram’s horn squid was given the name due to the shape of its coiled, interior shell. The squid use this shell to control their buoyancy in the ocean.

The institute recently shared their amazing discovery and posted; "This appears to be the FIRST observation of Spirula, aka ram's horn squid, alive and in its natural environment. Very rarely seen or captured, they have many extinct relatives, but are only living member of genus Spirula, family Spirulidae, and order Spirulida."

Michael Vecchione, who is a cephalopod expert at the Smithsonian Institution, stated that he had never before seen the ram’s horn squid in its natural world.

54 seconds into the 55-second video of the magnificent creature in the deep waters below, the squid exhibits its astonishing speed and bolts out of the frame.

Nathan Robinson, a researcher at the Oceanogràfic Foundation which is  a marine conservation organization, recently added to the amazing discovery and said that "It’s the majesty of nature."

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