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We can’t deny that the ocean is incredible, and what makes it even more magical is the beautiful sea life. 

Yet, we all know the "do do, do do, do, do" sound as Mr Great White is busy lurking in the water, looking for a fresh meal. Now, just think about not seeing the shark in the waters, and deciding to take a leisurely swim while Mr White is just gliding past you. Can you imagine it? 

Terrifying footage from Bondi Nation’s YouTube channel shows hundreds of unsuspecting swimmers, paddling over sharks named Norman and Newman at Bondi Beach. The horrific video revealed the incredible scene in the waters at the iconic Sydney hotspot.

Several swimmers could be seen free-styling next to the carnivorous beasts, with some just swimming casually over the shark. Some swimmers stopped in their tracks when they realised they were potentially moments from death.

A male voiceover on the video said “Surely someone's got to see him,” as two beachgoers move harrowingly close to the shark he dubbed 'Norman'.

“He's going to go straight under you, mate.”

While the paddlers did not appear to have noticed at first, they stopped in the water after clearing the flesh-eating fish – bewildered by the vicious sight.

Other swimmers swam towards an enormous school of salmon, as the shark called Newman could be seen lurking in the middle. 

Despite the potentially dangerous situation, no one was attacked.

Several viewers commented on the video and gave possible reasons as to why the sharks didn't strike.

One viewer wrote: “That’s amazing! But if I was one of those swimmers... I’d absolutely sh*t myself if I turned around and saw one of those sharks”. Another viewer added, “Of course the sharks didn't attack, look how much food was surrounding them.”

A third person added: “It’s amazing the shark can be right there and humans on top have no idea. Swimming in a school of salmon seems a bit idiotic.”

Bondi Nation also replied to a comment saying that it is sweet that the sharks were given names: “Every adorable local deserves a nickname.”

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