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Elon Musk has warned that he will be expecting Twitter employees to work harder than ever before. And by showing just how serious he is about it; he has converted some of the offices at Twitter HQ into bedrooms to give employees the option to sleep there when they want to take a break.

Each bedroom inside the offices in San Francisco features a queen size bed, a bedside table, two armchairs, and a carpet. The rooms also feature curtains for privacy.

A source inside Twitter told Forbes that there could be between four and eight bedrooms per floor. At this stage, it’s unclear exactly how many bedrooms there are currently but it seems as if a few of the bedrooms are located on one of the floors that were mainly unused.

Although the bedrooms will be used often as employees are already being required to work longer hours, Twitter failed to let employees know about the bedrooms and when they will be converted.

Business Insider reports that weeks after Must took over Twitter, he sent an email to staff, outlining his vision for “Twitter 2.0” and told workers that they would need to be “extremely hardcore” and work “long hours at high intensity” to remain at the company.

Image credit: CoStar

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