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South African born, Elon Musk, has shown zero interest in ever returning home to SA, which has become five times more dangerous than Afghanistan.

South Africa has become a dangerous, hostile environment which is unfit for investment. Due to the circumstances of the country, Musk stated that you have an infinitely better chance to survive on Mars – which he would rather do than to return.

Besides corruption that has become a core problem in SA, murder has also been spiralling out of hand. That is not to mention the corruption taking place in all levels of government, failing state entities, extortion, the existential threat to ordinary families has now reached unbearable levels of magnitude.

Taking the murder cases in consideration, August ended with the horrific killing of the disabled teenager Natheniël Julies at the hands of police officers.

September has also been spiralling as the figures of murder cases has been on a rise the entire month.

On 1 September, David Leslie (81), was attacked with a weapon by his own worker. Johan Kriek (53) was attacked and stabbed to death by two attackers in his own home, and Piet Brand and his wife Terien were brutally attacked in their own home by intruders.

The attacks and murders continued throughout the month of September and led to a total of 39 reported cases of assault and murder in the victims' own home.

Going back to the statement made by entrepreneur Musk, he believes that it will take 1,000 spaceships and "a million tons" of vitamin C to make life on Mars sustainable.  He added that if Mars is not an option "you’re going to die slowly and painfully."

Explaining his strategy further, Musk added that a city on Mars "has to survive if the resupply ships stop coming from Earth for any reason whatsoever. Doesn't matter why. If those resupply ships stop coming, does the city die out or not? In order to make something self-sustaining, you can't be missing anything. You must have all the ingredients. It can't be like, well this thing is self-sustaining except for this one little thing that we don't have. It can't be."

In a Tweet posted by Musk in early January, he explained that the goal of his Starship transportation system to Mars will be to launch each of SpaceX's reusable Starship rockets about three times per day. The spacecraft will be carrying a 100-ton payload on each flight, with about 1,000 flights per year carrying more than 100 tons of cargo on each flight. "That’s the goal."

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