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As a nation, we might not love lockdown or load shedding, but we sure love meat. In fact, 90% of South African's are meat-eaters. The figure of meat-eating people in our country has risen from 84% in 2020.

That's according to Knorr’s Plate of the Nation study. The study aims to help South Africa move towards a better food future by providing stakeholders with information regarding how and what the nation is eating, and how it impacts our health.

Here’s the lowdown on what we’re eating as a nation:

  • The current South African plate consists of 41% starch, 26% meat and only 13% vegetables. The rest of our plates consist of fats and oils, dairy and legumes. This is consistent across all regions and demographics.

  • Meat is usually the star of our dinner plate and eaten on average four times per week. Poultry and red meat are our favourite types of meat.

  • As a nation, we eat starch six times a week, with bread, rice potatoes and mieliepap noted as the favourites.

  • We consume our largest portion of starch for breakfast.

  • While 82% of us acknowledge that it’s become easier to find healthy food compared to five years ago, only 52% of us reckon that healthy food is affordable.

Here are the stats on what we label ourselves as:

  • 84% are meat-eaters

  • 14% are flexitarians

  • 2% are vegetarians

  • 0.3% are pescatarians

  • 0.1% are vegans

Watch the eNCA video below for more on Knorr's Plate of the Nation survey.

Image credit: eatout.co.za

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