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Her current Eras Tour is set to become the most successful concert in history and now Taylor Swift has just reached billionaire status.

Bloomberg announced the news by reporting that her newfound status is due to her re-recorded albums, the successful Eras Tour and her lucrative concert film.

It’s believed the 33-year-old’s music catalogue since 2019 is worth $400 million while numbers from her ticket and merchandise sales reached R370 million.

From streams on platforms like YouTube and Spotify, she earned a cool $120 million so far.

Royalties have brought her R80 million in the bag and this music superstar clearly has a knack for good investments as the five properties that she owns are worth R110 million.

While there’s no denying that she’s reached billionaire status, Bloomberg says her wealth could actually be even higher because the company’s analysis is based only on assets and earnings that could be confirmed or traced from publicly disclosed figures.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Swift’s Eras Tour is on track to become the biggest concert in history. The financial publication says the concert has the potential to gross more than $1 billion.

Image credit: Axios

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