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A song written by John Lennon in the 1970s is about to be released by one of the most iconic bands in the world.

The two remaining members of The Beatles have announced that they will be releasing Now And Then on Thursday 2 November at 14:00 GMT.

The recording is based on a demo recording by Lennon and was completed by Sir Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney this year.

Modern artificial intelligence technology was used to extricate Lennon’s vocals from an old cassette and used in the recording of this latest version.

During a radio interview to promote the release of the song, Sir Paul said it was an emotional experience.

“There it was, John’s voice, crystal clear. It’s quite emotional. And we all play on it, it’s a genuine Beatles recording.”

He also commented on the magic of working on Beatles music more than 50 years after the band broke up.

“In 2023 to still be working on Beatles music, and about to release a new song the public haven’t heard, I think it’s an exciting thing.”

Now And Then was written by Lennon after the band had already split up.

Image credit: Gold Radio

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