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A 22-year-old man in Warsaw, Poland has been arrested after he posed in a shop window in order to steal jewellery after the shop closed.

According to local police, the man went hunting in various departments after it closed, before he eventually decided to pose next to a jewellery stand. Staff and shoppers didn’t notice the man standing in the window as he managed to blend in with the mannequins next to him.

Eventually, security staff spotted him.

This isn’t the first time that the man posed as a mannequin in order to rob a store. He managed to do the same at another mall where he waited in a restaurant where he dined at, until it closed.

He left the restaurant to enter a clothing store where he “exchanged his clothes for new ones” according to security staff at the mall. After that, he went back to the restaurant to enjoy another meal.

He has since been charged with burglary and theft, and could be in prison for the next decade.

Image credit: Sky News

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