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Date: 2017-10-31

The Death Of Jeffery Claro 2

The Death Of Jeffery Claro 3

In August, over 150 Filipino boxers were banned for submitting false brain scans in order to avoid the costs of an actual brain scan.

Stricter rules around scan have been imposed due to the increasing number of deaths in the boxing ring. However, on Friday 20-year-old Filipino fighter, Jeffrey Claro was knocked into a coma during his second round of a match. 

Claro was banned amongst those who submitted fake scans but his ban ended just before this match. However, he did hand in medically sound scans which showed no signs of injury. Scans taken during his coma suggested an older injury after the September scans combined with the blow from his last match caused his death. Claro showed no signs that he was seriously injured in 10 minutes before the end of the session and after a seemly normal jab to the head, no one suspected he was seriously hurt. 

This tragic death comes in the midst of many tragedies involving boxers.

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