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A huge fallout for will likely follow this businessman for using the K-word on social media.

After the Economic Freedom Fighters asked for help to identify a man who took to social media to boast about a beach holiday where not a single K****r was to be seen on the beach, Twitter users have found him.

The man has been identified as businessman, Adam Catzavelos, and, while the man was believed to be linked to Nedbank, the banking giant moved to distance itself from him.

"Nedbank and 702 strongly condemn all forms of racism. Adam Catzavelos is not a Nedbank employee. He took part in a Business Accelerator Programme in 2014. He‚ along with 360 other entrepreneurs was profiled on the programme hosted on 702 and sponsored by Nedbank over 6 years‚" the company tweeted.

Catzavelos's video, filmed on a Greek beach, has since gone viral on social media on Tuesday, in it he said that: "Let me give you a weather forecast here: Blue skies‚ beautiful day‚ amazing sea and not one k****r in sight. F***ing heaven on earth."

As Twitter users soon identified the man, some posted his personal details online, including what was believed to be his cell phone number. He has also deactivated his social media accounts since.

Since Nedbank and 702 released their comments, it is alleged that Catzavelos has been fired from the family business, St George's Fine Foods.

A statement from the company released earlier on EWN stated, "Adam Catzavelos has been dismissed with immediate effect from the family business, St George's Fine Foods, and his minority shareholding will be unwound as soon as practically possible."

According to News24, a client of the business has already announced they are looking for a new supplier. Derryck Myers, director of The Butcher Boys said, "We had a conference call and we are disassociating ourselves immediately from St George's, we do not support what Adam has done." 

Director for the Braza restaurant chain, Andy Papaspyrou, released a statement condemning the "racially inflamed remarks" of Catzevelos, saying, "We distance ourselves from these remarks and have communicated to St George’s Fine Foods that we will no longer be doing any business with them nor will we be doing any business with an entity which is in any way associated with Adam Catzavelos."

Director of the Rib Zone, Dragan Krunic, was also left shocked by the video.

"I'm disgusted and I condemn fully his actions. I couldn't believe what he did."

News24 asked whether Catzavelos' video will have any impact on his business relationship with St George's Fine Foods, Krunic said: "I think so – obviously you need to talk to his brother. In the meantime, I'll stop any supply.

"I spoke to Nick and he told me because I didn't know what he [Adam] did."

The incident has even affected Nike South Africa as, apparently, Catzavelos' wife works for the sports brand. Their statement read, "Nike opposes discrimination and has a long-standing commitment to diversity, inclusion and respect. We believe in the power of human potential in everyone - of every race, religion, nationality, gender and sexual orientation. We can also confirm that Adam Catzavelos is not a Nike employee."

According to experts, Catzavelos will likely face a stiff fine and possibly jail time for his racist comment.

Please note that the video is sensitive:

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